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Perhaps you experience:

  • Anxiety, phobias, fears, depression.
  • Addictions to alcohol, sex, smoking, to name a few.
  • Difficulty losing weight.
  • Issues with sleeping.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Low self esteem, lack of confidence.
  • Difficulties with public speaking, exam stress or work stress.
  • Driving test nerves.
  • Need to relax, issues with managing stress or anger.
  • Fears around pregnancy and birth.
  • Many more struggles....

I was doubtful about Hypnotherapy. I felt it was like you see on TV, you know, like a game... 


Using Afyatherapy I quickly realised I was wrong. I found it helped my issues after one online session.

Now, I know. It works; and I am so grateful.

Male 61. Bournemouth, UK

I needed help with confidence, relaxation and self esteem.

Having online sessions helped me with those issues, starting with the very first online session.

Male 26, New Forest

My chronic pain was too much to bear.

With my young child, I was not coping. Each day became such a chore. I couldn't care for him, myself; I did not know what to do.

I desperation, I tried AfyaTherapy; and the results were immediate and amazing! The convenience of online sessions meant I did not have to find ways to have my son baby-sat. I could be treated while he slept.

My life is so much better now. I am pain free, drug free, sleep well and a better Mother to my son,

Female 38, Essex

I have Asperger's. Part of that, is severe anxiety.

Afyatherapy and their online sessions helped me immediately. I was sceptical at first, but when I heard about the results others had, I just had to try.

I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain; so I gave it a go.

The results were astonishing; and I now have real ways of coping with and resolving anxiety.

Thank you Afyatherapy.

Male 60, Eastleigh

Afytherapy had already helped me with my Chronic pain; but then I found Julia so helpful with being a confidant.

I was able to open up to her, and she listened and was so empathetic. Plus her advice, while not medical, was a great help to me.

She is a one of a kind.

Female 38, Essex