Unlock the Secret to Lasting Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy!


Struggling to stick to your diet? Feeling like you've tried every weight loss program out there with no success? It's time to try something different. It's time for hypnotherapy.


At AfyaTherapy we understand that weight loss is more than just counting calories and hitting the gym. It's about changing how you think about food, exercise, and yourself. Our specialised hypnotherapy sessions are designed to target the subconscious behaviours and thought patterns that are holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals.


Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a transformative tool that dives deep into the subconscious mind, the powerful layer beneath our conscious awareness. This part of our mind is the storehouse of our beliefs, habits, deep-seated emotions, and automatic responses. It’s where the scripts that govern much of our behaviour are written and stored, often outside of our conscious awareness or control.


The process of hypnotherapy begins with the hypnotherapist guiding the individual into a state of deep relaxation or trance. This state is akin to the feeling just before falling asleep or upon waking, when the mind is more open, receptive and able to access the subconscious. Despite popular misconceptions, individuals under hypnosis are not unconscious or out of control. Rather, they are in a heightened state of focussed attention, more open to suggestion, and more capable of deep, introspective reflection.


In this receptive state, the hypnotherapist uses carefully crafted suggestions, visualisations, and therapeutic techniques to communicate directly with the subconscious mind. Because the critical, analytical part of the mind is relaxed, the subconscious can consider these suggestions without immediate dismissal or scepticism. This is crucial for change, as the subconscious is less likely to be influenced directly by everyday conscious efforts, where persistence and deep-rooted beliefs often negate positive affirmations or intentions.


By addressing issues at their subconscious root, hypnotherapy can effectively modify the underlying beliefs and emotional associations that fuel behaviours. With weight loss, for instance, there may be emotional reasons why a person eats a packet of biscuits in one go, and doing so is linked to stress relief. Hypnotherapy can help change that association, replacing patterns at a such a fundamental level, the individuals behaviour and emotions can be altered more easily and lastingly than if trying to change them with healthier responses to stress and so on.


Moreover, hypnotherapy can instil new, positive beliefs and habits directly into the subconscious. By imbedding these constructive patterns at such a fundamental level, the individual's behaviour and emotions can be altered more easily and lastingly. This is because once the subconscious accepts these new beliefs, it naturally influences the conscious mind, leading to changes in thought patterns and behaviours.


In summary, hypnotherapy leverages the direct line to the subconscious mind, bypassing the often resistant and critical conscious mind, to foster deep and lasting change. By changing the root beliefs, emotional associations and habits stored in the subconscious, hypnotherapy can effectively transform behaviours and improve overall wellbeing, addressing issues at their very source.


A weight loss hypnotherapy session would:-


Address Emotional Eating: Uncover and resolve the emotional triggers that lead to overeating.

Boost Motivation: Reinforce your desire to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

Improve Self-Esteem: Cultivate a positive self-image and love for your body.

Change Habits: Replace unhealthy habits with positive ones, making healthy choices naturally.

With hypnotherapy, you can finally break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting and create lasting change. Our hypnotherapists work with you to tailor a program that fits your individual needs, ensuring a comfortable and supportive journey towards a healthier you.


Book your first session now and take the first step on your journey to a happier, healthier life. Your transformation starts today!

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